Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (2024)

Are you wondering what crafts yourkidscan make forValentine‘s Day? With my list of 24Valentine’s Day Craftsforpreschoolers, you’ll find fun and cuteValentine‘s Dayart projectsand easy handmade crafts.

These adorable V-Day crafts are perfect forkidsof all ages. Get inspired and fill your children with theValentinespirit using my list of easy and creativepreschoolValentine’s Day crafts forkids.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (1)

How do you teachpreschoolersaboutValentine‘s Day?

TeachingpreschoolersaboutValentine‘s Day is not just about the crafts; it’s also about imparting the values of love, friendship, and kindness.

In ourpreschool, we like to keep it simple and age-appropriate. We start by sharing stories and books about love and friendship, using colorful illustrations and engaging narratives to help thekidsunderstand the concept of caring for one another.

We also encourage discussions about what love means to them, allowing them to express their feelings and thoughts in their own words. Moreover, we use these crafts as an opportunity to teach them about colors, shapes, andfine motor skillswhile incorporating the theme of love.

Throughout the process, we emphasize the importance of sharing and giving, makingValentine‘s Day a wonderful occasion to show affection to family and friends.

By combining these creative activities with heartfelt conversations, we aim to create a meaningful learning experience that goes beyond the surface ofValentine‘s Day, instilling values that will stay with these little ones for a lifetime.

Valentine’s Heart Crafts forPreschoolers

Valentineheart crafts are perfect for little hands and big hearts, allowing yourpreschoolersto express their affection while having a blast. Grab your craft supplies, and check out my favorite crafts for heart-themed fun!

3D Paper Heart Craftby Mommy Made That

Create an adorable heart papercraft with the easy-to-follow 3D paper heart template.Kidswill love showcasing theirart projectswhen completed.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (2)

ValentineHugs Craftby Crafts by Amanda

Get crafty onValentine‘s Day with this adorableValentinehugs craft! Perfect forpreschoolers, they’ll have a blast creating these cute heart characters with accordion arms.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (3)

Rainbow Heart Suncatcherswith Heart TemplatebyFireflies& Mud Pies

Create stunningrainbow heart suncatcherswith tissue paper andglue. Thiseasy Valentine’s Day craftforkidscomes with a detailedtutorialand a downloadable heart template.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (4)

Felt Heart Keychain Craftby Fun Cloth Crafts

Create adorable felt heart keychains with this fun and easy sewing project forkidsaged 7 and up. Learn basic sewing skills while making a cute accessory.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (5)

Felt Heart Plush Craftby Ottawa Mommy Club

Transform your space into aValentine‘s Day wonderland with this simple yet beautiful felt heart plush craft that requires minimal supplies. ThisValentine‘s Day craft is perfect for olderkidsincluding teens.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (6)

Cut and PasteValentine CraftsforKids

Combine art andfine motor skillsthis February using the best cut and pasteValentine‘s Day crafts for preschoolers. Withbasic craft supplieslikescissors,glue, and vibrant paper, little hands can create beautiful and meaningfulValentine‘s Day masterpieces. Enjoy encouraging creativity and spreading love this February. Let’s craft away!

Candy Jar Name Craft by The Primary Parade

We’ve whipped up a sweet and personalizedValentine‘s Daycandy heartname craft for yourkidsto explore! Yourpreschoolerscan write each letter of their name on individualcandy heartsand then spell out their names in a charming candy jar display.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (7)

It’s a delightful way to celebrate individuality and share a little extra sweetness with their loved ones on this special day.

ValentineOwl Craft forPreschoolersby Journey to SAHM

Looking for more funValentine‘s Day crafts forpreschoolers? Use everyday craft materials likeconstruction paperand a convenientprintable templateto engagepreschoolersin a delightfulValentine‘s owl craft.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (8)

CraftyValentineGifts forPreschoolersto Make

Are you looking for heartwarmingValentinegifts forpreschoolersto make this February? These handmade treasures are perfect for little hands and big hearts, offering a fantastic opportunity for yourpreschoolersto express their love and appreciation with thoughtful and crafty gestures.

DIYHeart Bubble Wandsby Living Life & Learning

Createheart-shapedbubble wands for a uniqueValentine‘s Day activity with just two craft supplies. Use the finished craft withValentine cardsfor classroom parties or just a fun gift idea.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (9)

Cupid’s ArrowValentine’s Day Favorsby Homemade Interest

Cupid’s ArrowValentine‘s Day favors are perfect for classroom parties. Learn how to create these fun and festive crafts.Kidswill love helping make these.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (10)

Conversation Heart Planter Craftby Thrifty Jinxy

This cute conversation heart planter craft is perfect for adding a touch of love to yourValentine‘s Daydecor. Get step-by-step instructions and enjoy some quality crafting time with yourkids.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (11)

Heart Catcher Cup and Ball Gameby Homan at Home

Engage your children in hours of entertainment with this inexpensive and simpleDIYball and cup game that also helps develop their hand-eye coordination skills. Add hearts for someValentine’s Day charm.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (12)

DIYWine Cork Butterfly Craftby The Inspiration Edit

Create a unique and charmingValentine‘s Day craft with thisDIYwine cork butterfly crafttutorial. Learn how to repurpose wine corks into adorable butterflies that can be used fordecorationsor gifts. Perfect for a fun and eco-friendlyValentine‘s Day activity.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (13)

Love BugValentineCrafts forKids

Prepare to fall head over heels for theselove bugValentine craftsforpreschoolkids! These adorable creations are designed to spark joy and creativity in your little ones while allowing them to express their love through imaginative, insect-inspired crafts.

Grab yourpipe cleaners,googly eyes, andheart stickers. TheseValentine’s Day crafts forpreschoolersare sure to be a hit!

Love BugPuppetsby Red Ted Art

Make adorable paper baglove bugpuppets with thiseasy Valentine’s Day craftforkids. Let their imaginations soar as they play with theirlove bugcreation!

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (14)

Pom PomLove Bugsby Only Passionate Curiosity

Fall in love with these cute and easy pom pomlove bugs. They’re perfectValentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (15)

Love BugJuice Boxesby Planted in Arkansas

Let thekidsget involved in the prep forValentine’s Day classroom parties. They will enjoy making theselove bugjuice boxes for their classmates.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (16)

BeeValentine Craftby Simple EverydayMom

Get ready to make hearts flutter with this bee-themedValentine‘s Day craft. With step-by-step instructions and aprintable template, it’s a breeze forkidsto create their buzz-worthy masterpiece.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (17)

Valentine‘s DayArt ProjectforPreschoolers

Let’s get creating with theseValentine‘s Dayart projectsforpreschoolers! These hands-on projects are designed to let your little ones express their love through colors, shapes, and their own unique artistic flair. Get ready to create heartwarming masterpieces together with these favorite crafts!

ValentineStrawArt Projectby Fun-A-Day

EnhanceValentineactivities forpreschoolersand kindergartenkidswith this simple and engaging straw art idea that promotes creativity andfine motor skills.Kidscan create hearts using straws.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (18)

No-SewValentinesHeart Ornamentsby Ruffles & Rain Boots

Looking for a funValentine‘s craft for olderkids? Try making these adorable no-sew heart ornaments to add a touch of love to farmhousedecor.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (19)

Recycled Cardboard Love Shacksby Barley & Birch

Add some eco-friendly and creative flair to yourValentine‘s Day celebrations with these recycled cardboard love shacks. Learn how to create unique and adorable crafts using simple materials and spread the love while reducing waste.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (20)

Cookie CutterPainting

Grab yourheart-shaped cookie cuttersand let’s create aneasy Valentine‘s Day craft that eventoddlerscan do! This is a simple one that always turns into an adorablekeepsakeforMom.

Simply dip yourheart shapecookiecutters into paint (pinksand reds are my favorite for this) and dab them on paper. You canstampas many or as few as you would like. Let it dry in a painttray, then hang it up on yourfridgeall month long.

This is seriously the cutestValentinedecoration bykids.

For a mess freeValentine craft, you can always swap out the paint formarkers. Trace thecookie cuttersand buildfine motor skillsat once with thiseasy Valentinecraft.

ValentineFingerprint and Footprint Crafts ForPreschoolers

Capture precious memories and creativity with thesepreschoolValentinefingerprint and footprint crafts. These adorable projects involve little hands and feet to create love-infusedkeepsakesthat parents and loved ones will cherish forever. Keep reading to discover my top picks forValentine‘s Day.

Footprint Rocket Craftby A Little Pinch of Perfect

Let your child’s imagination soar with a footprint rocket craft that will make them feel like they’re traveling to the moon and back. Get the free template and follow the simple directions.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (21)

Fingerprint Heart Mugsby The Best Ideas forKids

Create heartfeltValentine’s Day giftswith these fingerprint heart mugs. This easy and fun craft forkidsallows them to personalize mugs with their fingerprints, making it a perfectkeepsakegift for loved ones.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (22)

Valentine CardsForPreschoolersto Make

Get ready to unleash your inner artist with my heartwarming lineup ofValentine CardsForPreschoolersto Make! TheseDIYcards are full of love and creativity, making them the perfect heartfelt gestures for your little ones to share with family and friends. Let the crafting fun begin!

Pizza VDay Card forKidsby The Primary Parade

Here’s a cheesy twist to ourValentine‘s Day celebration! We’ve cooked up a delightful pizza-themedValentine‘s Day card activity that will have your little ones saying, “I a-dough you because…”

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (23)

Onheart-shapedpepperoni cutouts,kidscan express their affection by jotting down the reasons they adore theirValentine. It’s a fun and imaginative way to celebrate love while savoring some tasty creativity!

Valentine’s Day Thaumatropesby Team Cartwright

CelebrateValentine‘s Day with a twist! These ThaumatropeValentine‘s cards are a breeze to create and offer a delightful blend of fun and educational STEM activities forkids.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (24)

Popsicle Stick andPaper PlateValentine CraftsforPreschoolers

Paper platesand popsicle sticks are my favorite crafting materials.These simple and adorable projects turn ordinary house hold items into the cutest masterpieces, perfect for teaching little ones about love and creativity while having a blast together.

Valentine’s DayPaper PlateWreathby TwoPinkPeonies

Create a beautifulValentine‘s Daypaper platewreath with this easy-to-followtutorial. Download and print the free art for a hassle-free setup. Perfect for adding a touch of love to your homedecor.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (25)

Popsicle StickValentine Craftsby Thriving in Parenting

Get ready for heart-themed fun with 6 simple and adorable popsicle stickValentine craftsthat yourkidscan create and use as festivedecorations. From a cute monster to a fun bee, there are plenty of options to explore.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (26)

ValentinesScience Experiments forPreschool

Elevate yourValentine‘s Day celebration with easy science experiments that add a dash of curiosity and fun to the festivities! From exploring the dissolving properties ofcandy heartsto creating colorful chemical reactions with salt crystals, these experiments are a fantastic way to combine learning and love on this special day.

Conversation Heart Science Experiment

Engaging in aValentine‘s Day themed science experiment with Conversation Hearts can be both educational and loads of fun forpreschoolers. With my printable set you can set up a colorful and interactive experiment wherekidsget to explore the properties of different liquids using these sweet treats.

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (27)

First, we gather the children and explain the experiment’s purpose: to see how Conversation Hearts react when placed in three different liquids – soda, water, and vinegar. We discuss their predictions, asking questions like, “What do you think will happen? Will the candy change color or size? Why?”

Then, we provide differentiated worksheets to suit various learning needs, ensuring everyone can actively participate and record their predictions and observations. While some of your students might be writing full sentences, others may need to simply draw their predictions.

As they drop the hearts into the liquids, they eagerly watch and describe what happens, noting any changes in color, texture, or size. This hands-on experiment not only introduces scientific concepts but also encourages critical thinking and observation skills in a fun and memorable way, makingValentine‘s Day a day of learning and love!

How to Make Salt Crystal Hearts forValentine’s Dayby STEAMsational

Kidscan create adorable salt crystal hearts thisValentine‘s Day with the easy-to-follow instructions. Perfect for a low-cost and fun science experiment!

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (28)

As you can see, these Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers are a wonderful way to celebrate love, friendship, and creativity. Whether it’s crafting love bugs, creating heart-themed masterpieces, or engaging in sweet experiments, these activities offer meaningful experiences that will warm hearts and create lasting memories. Happy crafting, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Preschool Valentines Day crafts for kids (2024)


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