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History & Genetics

Zkittlez, sometimes also spelled Skittlez or just Skittles, is an indica-dominant hybrid that erupts with fruit flavor. The creation of Northern California-based collective Dying Breed Seeds, this strain is descended from fruity indica favorite Grape Ape and tangy sativa Grapefruit. Skittles combines the mental and physical effects of both parent strains to yield a smooth, multifaceted high. This bud’s appeal was strong enough to earn the title of Best Indica at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup held in Michigan. Zkittlez’s THC content has been measured at between 15% and 23%.

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Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Like its namesake, this strain offers you the opportunity to taste the rainbow — but as it turns out Zkittlez lets you see a rainbow too. Depending on phenotype, the plant’s thick and chunky flowers appear in a variety of greens and purples, with vibrant orange hairs (or pistils) sprinkled throughout. The eye-catching purple hues are the result of high concentrations of anthocyanin pigments. The trimmed buds have a characteristically indica structure, tight and densely-packed, with smallish leaves. Finally, a dusting of cloudy white trichomes ensures both stickiness and psychoactivity.

Its aroma is where Zkittlez really shines. When properly cured, Zkittlez’s flowers give off a kind of sweet-sour funk. A second whiff reveals slightly more distinct notes of berry and lemon. Grinding up the flowers intensifies the strain’s more sour notes, resulting in a kind of skunky character. When combusted in a pipe or joint, the flowers burn with a very pleasant and easily-inhaled smoke. On the exhale, this light smoke tastes fruity and grape-like. Notably, any detectable grape flavors are coincidental to the strain’s purple coloring; this is because the plant’s color are determined by pigmentation, while its flavor profile is determined by terpenes.

THC Content












Although Zkittlez comes on relatively quickly, its head-focused effects tend to be subtle. Some slight pressure around the eyes and temples may occur at first. As smokers become accustomed to this feeling, though, they’re able to appreciate the strain’s action on their sensory perception. Odd experiences like visual and auditory distortions are commonly reported, as is a strange feeling of time passing more slowly. Such trippy effects can be boosted by atmospheric enhancements, particularly moody music or a visually-engaging television show.

At the same time that Zkittlez’s psychedelic trappings set in, users may also notice that their thoughts have taken on a newly plugged-in quality, with certain ideas seeming to occupy more space or attention than they otherwise might. This kind of cerebral energy can be a great way to work on detailed tasks, whether they’re complicated or more mundane, like cleaning the house. As the high wears on, a palpable body high creeps in to complement these mentally-activating effects. While this newfound relaxation isn’t liable to knock smokers out flat, it could just undo any earlier motivation to get through a long to-do list. In these later stages, Zkittlez is best enjoyed in laid-back circ*mstances. Because of its slow dip in energy levels, this bud is recommended for consumption between late afternoon and early evening.

Zkittlez can also have a few different applications for medical cannabis patients. The strain’s initially zoned-in mental properties can aid focus for those attention deficit disorders. As the body high takes over, it can temporarily soothe the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Physical benefits include relief from both chronic pain and minor, everyday irritation. Zkittlez can also cause a surge in appetite, helping out those who have lost their hunger. Thanks to its potentially paranoid cerebral effects, patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance should consume Zkittlez with some caution.


Seeds of this tasty strain are not available for sale online. Instead, prospective growers should obtain clippings from mature, healthy plants in order to grow genetically identical “clones.” While there’s little info available on best practices for cultivating Zkittlez, we know that it can be successfully grown indoors or outdoors in a hot, humid climate. Gardeners looking to bring out the bud’s shades of purple should expose their crops to cold (but not freezing) nighttime temperatures just before flowering begins. Taking into account strains with a similar indica to sativa ratio suggest that Zkittlez may flower anywhere between the 8 and 10-week mark.

Zkittlez is an increasingly popular strain that’s worth grabbing when spotted on dispensary shelves. It’s enjoyable as a solo treat or when shared with like-minded friends.

Zkittlez Marijuana Strain Information - Wikileaf (2024)


Zkittlez Marijuana Strain Information - Wikileaf? ›

Zkittlez, sometimes also spelled Skittlez or just Skittles, is an indica-dominant hybrid that erupts with fruit flavor. The creation of Northern California-based collective Dying Breed Seeds, this strain is descended from fruity indica favorite Grape Ape and tangy sativa Grapefruit.

Why is zkittlez so popular? ›

Its vibrant colors, fruity aroma, and potent effects make it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you seek relaxation, creativity, or therapeutic benefits, Zkittlez offers a journey of fruity bliss worth exploring.

What level of CBD is Zkittlez? ›

"Zkittlez" Hemp Flowers (CBD 8-13%)

A sweet honey taste of dates meets the liveliness of pepper, offering a rich taste that you will never tire of.

Who created the zkittlez strain? ›

This strain was developed by two groups of breeders known as the “Terp Hogz” and 3rd Gen Family in Northern California. The exact lineage of Zkittlez is a well-guarded secret, but it is believed to be a cross between Grape Ape, Grapefruit, and an unknown third strain.

What terpenes are in Zkittlez strain? ›

Need a quick rundown on this intensely popular strain? No problem! Dominant terpenes Alpha-Humulene, D-Limonene, Beta-Pinene, and Myrcene give Zkittlez a shockingly fruity flavor and aroma.

What is the Zkittlez strain good for? ›

Therapeutic Properties and Potential Medical Benefits

Zkittlez is a popular strain of cannabis that's known for providing effective stress relief for both chronic and acute pain. Possessing a high CBD and THC content, it also helps reduce inflammation and relax muscles.

How does Zkittlez make you feel? ›

The Zkittlez strain is known for its ability to provide a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. It can help ease stress, anxiety, and depression while also providing an uplifting mood boost. This strain has been described as having a sweet, fruity flavor with notes of berry that helps create an enjoyable experience.

Is zkittlez good for anxiety? ›

Zkittlez provides users with a calming and uplifting high. Zkittlez is known for providing its users with a gentle body buzz that helps to reduce stress and tension while enhancing moods. Zkittlez also produces an euphoric and creative effect, allowing the mind to wander without feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Is Zkittlez high yield? ›

Zkittlez Strain Yield Indoors and Outdoors

Indoors production has 0.8 to 1.5 ounces per square foot. Outdoors have high yields of up to 19.4 ounces for each plant.

What strain has the highest CBD percentage? ›

Top 10 medical strains with high CBD percentage
  1. Cannatonic. Genetics. Indica/sativa (50/50) ...
  2. CBD Therapy. Genetics. Indica/sativa (50/50) ...
  3. Candida (CD-1) Genetics. Sativa-dominant. ...
  4. Juanita La Lagrimosa. Genetics. Sativa-dominant. ...
  5. OG Kush CBD. Genetics. ...
  6. CBD ComPassion. Genetics. ...
  7. Royal Medic. Genetics. ...
  8. CBD Critical Mass. Genetics.

What are the side effects of Zkittlez? ›

Effects: Zkittlez is known as a nighttime strain, but I find the relaxing high manageable and beneficial during the day, especially when common stressors pop up. Red, sunken eyes, a common Zkittlez side effect, might give me away, but wit and critical thinking both hang tight.

What is the Zkittlez family tree strain? ›

Zkittlez is a genetic cross between Grapefruit, Grape Ape and a variety not made known. It was created from the collaboration between several breeders like Terp Hogz and 3rd Gen Family. It is a resistant strain that shows a rapid development.

What is Gorilla Zkittlez? ›

It's an indica-dominant strain that induces nice and cozy feelings of relaxation. The flowering cycle lasts for 56-63 days, and the yield production amounts to 500-600g/m² for indoor growers and 1000-2000 grams per plant for outdoor cannabis gardeners.

How big do Zkittlez plants get? ›

Grow Specifications

Growers appreciate Zkittlez Auto for her moderate size that seldom exceeds 100 cm (39 inches) and a flowering time of only 70 days on average. But, thanks to her vigorous growth from day one, this cultivar manages to cram a lot of progress into this short stretch of time.

What strain has the highest terpenes? ›

Highest Terpene Strains
  • Marionberry. This strain comes in at just over 3% terpenes. ...
  • Sour Diesel. Sour diesel is sativa-dominant, and is a cross between Super Skunk and Chemdawg. ...
  • Dutch Treat. The primary terpene in Dutch Treat is terpinolene. ...
  • Fire Alien Strawberry. ...
  • Bruce Banner.
Aug 18, 2021

What are the best terpenes in indica? ›

Five of the terpenes found most prominently in Indica strains are Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, Limonene, and Humulene.

What is the difference between runtz and Zkittlez strain? ›

Zkittlez, known for its fruity and vibrant flavor profile, contributes its uplifting and relaxing effects to the genetic mix. Runtz, on the other hand, adds potency and a unique combination of sweet and tropical flavors.

Who is the owner of Zkittlez? ›

Mars Inc.'s Wrigley unit, the owner of Skittles, Starburst and Life Savers candies, filed complaints against Terphogz, the maker of THC-infused candy Zkittlez, on the grounds of trademark infringement.


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